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Obesity And Diabetes

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Joseph asks…

Fox News…………..?

Being from England, i don’t see much of it, however the bits i have seen from it are shocking…
Its like a flow of unbidden sewage coming through your house via the Television…
The presenters are way over the top, moronic, dramatic, emotional, fundamentalist Creationists that hate free speech and twist everything factual to fit their twisted beliefs.

My QUESTION is…. How did Fox News ever get on TV, who allowed this abomination?
Fox News is a crime against humanity.

What do you think about it?

diabetes consultant answers:

I think that stations like CNN and the BBC are way too liberal for my taste. It caters to unrealistic ideals and it ignores half of the truth in each story. They are known for giving one side and not the other and for pandering to Muslims. Instead of discussing the facts they dwell on perceived hatred by the Conservatives, and instead of investigating the whole story, most often they have only been interested in how to bring the “racist” element alive in their news even if there’s nothing racist to be told. Example: The story in Texas about the employer who asked his employees to use easier names to pronounce for customer service calls… They jumped on it, and instead of looking at it from the perspective of customer ease, they attempted to make the business owner look bad for it calling him a racist, and when they had a guest reporter who was also Latino speak on it, the reporter said that was perfectly reasonable to ask of this employees.

I think in all cases both sides should be represented, not just one, and tell the entire story.

Susan asks…

FOX News???

The content of FOX truly does have liberal and conservative points of view. So…how and why do other news journalists question FOX viewers intelligence? Could it be that FOX is more pro-American than other news organizations who seem to be more concerned with global news?

diabetes consultant answers:

Well lets start off by saying that that first answer you got shows that level of moronic ignorance out there in America today. They don’t question the Fox News viewers intelligence because they are Fox News watchers but rather that the viewer doesn’t follow in lock step with the point of view that they personally hold. This leads us into next question; it is not that the others are less “pro-American” as it may look, they are pushing an agenda/propaganda that they want you to believe instead. It make them upset when you think for yourself and don’t drink the koolaid they are passing out. We live in a global society and there is no way out of that, they just want to be crowned kings & worshiped as important people instead of just doing their job honestly. “Check every fact on every channel for your own good…read, watch, ask questions and never believe that anyone knows everything!” Good luck to you in life my friend!

Kirstie asks…

Fox news………………..?

Who all watches fox news and who is your favorite person on it?

diabetes consultant answers:

I occasionally find myself watching fox but they are pretty bias.

Honestly I watch them to see the opposite side of the news. They’re pretty radical with the information they report on.

I honestly prefer to read the news. I’m Ol’skool

Rachel asks…

fox news…..?

do you think fox news is fair and balanced?

diabetes consultant answers:

Seems to me, they are more for the Republican Party then the Democratic Party. No, they are not fair and balanced. Not, at all.

Wayne asks…

FOX NEWS………………………?

Y u no have news about foxes?

diabetes consultant answers:

No i have not, just pakgeonews

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Obesity And Diabetes

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Jane asks…

DIABETES TYPE 2 and “itchy sores” Ringworm like?

What is the best moisturising lotion for dry “itchy sores” associated with diabetes which I have on my lower legs and upper body. Looks like ringworm. My Doctor prescribed CLOBE TASONE BUTYRATE which has to be used “sparingly” as apparently it can also damage the skin.(according to the blurb” many thanks

diabetes consultant answers:

If you suspect this is a fungal infection then Eumovate won’t help you. Try putting Eumovate on it, if it doesn’t help then anti-yeast creams such as terbinafine, clotrimazole, ketoconazole and miconazole work well for clearing fungal skin infections.

If Eumovate is used too frequently it will thin the skin, yes.

Paul asks…

DIABETES 2 and itchy body sores?

I was recently diagnosed as having Diabetes Type 2 Iam not on any medication just diet which has improved my condition immensly.
However, I have lots of itchy sores all over my body , initially I thought it might be RINGWORM. My Doctor thought it was a FUNGAL infection and gave me a tube of “CLOBE TASONE BUTYRATE” for the condition. Whilst this takes the itch away it only keeps these sores from itching it does not get rid of the sores. Each week I seem to get more of these sores(which just look like (RINGWORM SORES)
I have 8 dogs which made me think of RINGWORM.
Anyone had sores like this due to DIABETES TYPE 2 ?
Thanks in anticipation of any advice given , I am a Senior Citizen.

diabetes consultant answers:

I am type 2 diet controlled but I never have skin problem, partner is type 2 with medication and his hands are terrible, it is similar to teenage spots and very dry skin with cracks on them he also has similar on his feet – doctor gave him cream called doublebase and to moisture daily, which he doesn’t do, we went to the pharmacist today to show him and he said he has to use the cream at least 4 times per day and it is very common for diabetics to get dry skin because of circulation problems, he also said he might need an antibiotic as there could be infection there, he also said antiseptic cream might help for broken skin. Hope this helps

Kylee asks…

Is this a sign of type 2 diabetes?

Im prediabetic and have been since i was 12. im 16 now and even though im not extremely overweight and im active(dancer) Ive still had an on and off again battle with losing weight and eating as if i were a diabetic so as to help out with balancing my insulin and blood sugar levels. Recently ive kept a pretty healthy diet and excercise regimen with the occasional slipups BUT one scary thing i noticed was a large red circular rash on my collarbone. Its mosiquito season and they are terrible where i live so i chalked it up to that. Im still eating right and i notice within a week and a half these rashes are poppin up all over my trunk and are itching and some are even getting all dried up. I know ringworm and skin infections are common in diabetics and skin problems are usually the first sign of diabetes but im scared to tell my parents. i dont know what to do i havent had any of the other sypmtoms but my skin is getting worse should i just get some over the counter antifungal cream or tell my parents?

also i have been professionally tested for diabetes though not recently my last test confirmed i was prediabetic due to my mother having gastrointestinal diabetes. im also insulin resistant and suffer from acanthosis nigricans but these sypmtoms have been diagnosed years ago the skin problem is fairly recent

diabetes consultant answers:

Nobody can diagnose you over the Internet. If you are worried, please get your blood sugar tested.

Diabetes can have many symptoms or none. The only symptom you need to think about is high blood sugar.

PS There is no such thing as gastrointestinal diabetes.

Marie asks…

I might have possible diabetes and dont know what to do im scared?

Im prediabetic and have been since i was 12. im 16 now and even though im not extremely overweight and im active(dancer) Ive still had an on and off again battle with losing weight and eating as if i were a diabetic so as to help out with balancing my insulin and blood sugar levels. Recently ive kept a pretty healthy diet and excercise regimen with the occasional slipups BUT one scary thing i noticed was a large red circular rash on my collarbone. Its mosiquito season and they are terrible where i live so i chalked it up to that. Im still eating right and i notice within a week and a half these rashes are poppin up all over my trunk and are itching and some are even getting all dried up. I know ringworm and skin infections are common in diabetics and skin problems are usually the first sign of diabetes but im scared to tell my parents. i dont know what to do i havent had any of the other sypmtoms but my skin is getting worse should i just get some over the counter antifungal cream or tell my parents?
im basing that on getting tested by the doctor i diagnosed as prediabetic and was told it was most likely due to that fact that my mother ha gastrointestinal diabetes with me. Also look up yor facts. Skin problems is one of the first signs the fact that our body naturally has yeast on it when there is a metabolic disturbance those yeast react in the form of skin infections hence what im refferin to and lets not forget the fact that im insulin resistant and have acanthosis nigricans. Im seriously scared and you post a bunch of dumb questions that you made up without prior knowledge so to everyone else reding this pls give me a factual and serious answer

diabetes consultant answers:

Nobody can diagnose you over the Internet. If you are worried, please get your blood sugar tested.

Caroline asks…

Cancer, HIV, Hepatitis B or C, diabetes or leukemia?

This morning I received a call from my mother regarding my step-father of almost 20 years. He has had now, for 2-3 years, a circular (looks similar to ringworm) spot on his knee, that started about the size of a nickel and in that time is about the size of a half dollar. It doesn’t bother him. Then recently (past month at most, and primarily since the hotter weather started), he’s developed additional (mostly ring like) places under his arms, on his back, in his groin area and on his feet, which are somewhat itchy.

He went to the doctor on Friday, believing that he would receive a cream and go home. However, whatever it is that the physician saw or tested at that time (suspect he had a urine test, and possibly a blood test, but don’t know) led him to say essentially this, “I don’t want to upset you, but I’m sending you to get full bloodwork done and I anticipate finding one of the following, Cancer, HIV, Hepatitis B or C, diabetes or leukemia.” He also gave the name of the rash, and all my stepfather (not very good with asking questions) could remember is that there was something in it that he believed started with a “C”, and that whatever it is, it’s rare enough that the physician said that most doctors wouldn’t see this more than a couple of times in their lifetime, and that it was related to white bloodcells coming to the surface of his skin?

I’m not looking for a diagnosis, of course, and if I were I know this would not be the place to go. However, I’ve run short in my searches online, even for what this rash might be that would lead the physician to say what he has with such certainty. Any ideas for what he sees that led to this “prediagnosis” so that I can continue my search online would be greatly appreciated. (note: What my stepfather said about part of it starting with a “C” could be off.) He’ll get the results from the bloodwork that will be completed Wednesday, on the 1st of July…but that seems a long ways off and this will keep me occupied. =/

Many thanks.

diabetes consultant answers:

Try searching for “cutaneous T-cell lymphoma”.

I searched for “lymphocytes epidermis” to get the above suggestion. Leukocytes = white cells; epidermis = outer layer of the skin.

Of course, we can’t diagnose your dad, but knowing the medical terms may help ease your anxiety.

I will be thinking of you and your stepfather. Good luck!

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Obesity And Diabetes

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Thomas asks…

if u have type 2 diabetes and u start getting treatment for it will those symptoms go away ?


diabetes consultant answers:

Some symptoms will go away. Others may be irreversible.

Rachel asks…

What is Diabetes Type 2 ?

What is Diabetes Type 2,

What Causes Diabetes trype 2,

What are the symptoms of Diabetes type 2,

What treatment is there for Diabetes type 2

diabetes consultant answers:

Do You Have Diabetes?
Millions of people have diabetes mellitus, commonly called diabetes. You may be surprised to know that many of these people don’t even know they have it.

Diabetes is a serious disease and should not be ignored. If you have it, correct treatment can help you live a long and healthy life.

What Is Diabetes?
If you have diabetes, your body can’t make or use insulin. Insulin helps change sugar into energy to keep you alive.

There are different kinds of diabetes. The main ones are type 1 and type 2.

Type 1 Diabetes
This type of diabetes is mostly found in children and young adults. If you have type 1 diabetes, your body does not make insulin and you must inject insulin daily.

You May:
urinate often
be very thirsty
be very hungry
lose a lot of weight
be very tired
be irritable
have blurred vision
have trouble seeing.
Type 2 Diabetes
Most people with diabetes have this form of the disease. Type 2 is usually found in people over 45, who have diabetes in their family, who are overweight, who don’t exercise, and who have cholesterol problems. It is also common in certain racial and ethnic groups (blacks, American Indians, and Hispanics) and in women who had diabetes when they were pregnant. If you have type 2 diabetes, your body cannot make enough insulin or correctly use it. Treatment is diabetes pills and sometimes insulin injections, as well as diet and exercise.

You May Have:
any of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes
a lot of infections
cuts or bruises that heal slowly
tingling or numbness in the hands or feet
skin, gum, or bladder infections that keep coming back.
Controlling Diabetes
Daily monitoring and careful control of blood sugar levels are the most important steps to take for people with diabetes. If not treated, diabetes can cause:

High blood sugar (which could make you thirsty, tired, lose weight, urinate often, or give you infections that won’t go away)
Many serious health problems (which could hurt your eyes, kidneys, nerves, or heart).
Warning: Low Blood Sugar
People with diabetes may develop low blood sugar because their blood has too much insulin or other blood sugar-lowering medication or from not eating enough food. It is important to follow the eating and medication schedule your doctor has prescribed to avoid low blood sugar.

Low blood sugar could make you shaky, dizzy, sweaty, hungry, have a headache, have pale skin color, have sudden mood or behavior changes, have clumsy or jerky movements, have difficulty paying attention, feel confused, or have tingling sensations around the mouth.

Taking Care of Your Diabetes
The best way to take care of your diabetes is to make sure the levels or amount of sugar in your blood are near the normal range. This will make you feel better and help you stay healthy.

Your doctor will tell you how often to check your blood sugar level. To do this, you will need to take a drop of your blood and place it on a special test strip. Then a device, called a blood glucose meter, reads the strip. This device measures the amount of sugar in your blood.

Writing down this level, along with the time and date, will help you see how well your treatment plan is working.

A person’s blood sugar level rises after eating any meal that contains carbohydrates or protein. Table sugar (also called ?sucrose) counts as a carbohydrate. Artificial sweeteners, such as saccharin, aspartame (NutraSweet), and sucralose (Splenda), do not count as carbohydrates or fats. They make food taste sweet. But they do not raise blood sugar levels and have little or no calories.

What Else Can You Do?
Eat well-balanced meals. The right amount of healthy food will keep your weight under control and help manage your diabetes.

Your body needs food from the four main food groups every day:

Fruits and vegetables (oranges, apples, bananas, carrots, and spinach)
Whole grains, cereals, and bread (wheat, rice, oats, bran, and barley)
Dairy products (milk, cheese, and yogurt)
Meats, fish, poultry, eggs, dried beans, and nuts.
Too much fat and cholesterol in your diet can be very harmful to people with diabetes. Food that is high in fat includes red meat, dairy products (whole milk, cream, cheese, and ice cream), egg yolks, butter, salad dressings, vegetable oils, and many desserts.

Can You Do Anything Else?
Exercise is important for good diabetes control. It usually lowers blood sugar and may help insulin work better. Exercise and a healthy diet can also help you take off extra pounds if you are overweight.

Check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. You may need a snack before or during the activity to avoid having low blood sugar while you exercise.

Caroline asks…

what are the symptoms, cures, and treatments for diabetes?

diabetes type 2, or 1 what ever?

diabetes consultant answers:

What Is It?
Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition in which the body cannot successfully convert sugar into energy for tissue and organ cells. A person with diabetes will have abnormally high levels of blood sugar, especially after consuming starchy foods like rice, potatoes, and bread. Diabetes can affect both men and women at any age. Even children can develop cases of diabetes. There are three types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, and type 3.

Type 1 diabetes occurs as a result of an autoimmune condition. The pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin, and as a result, glucose builds up in the bloodstream. It is unknown what causes type 1 diabetes.

Genetics, viruses, and autoimmune conditions can cause type 1 diabetes to occur. With type 2 diabetes, a person’s fat, liver, and muscle tissue do not respond properly to insulin. As a result, the pancreas produces more and more insulin while sugar builds up in the blood at the same time. Type 2 diabetes is related to genetics, diet, exercise, and obesity. Type 3 diabetes occurs when the brain signals insulin production to stop, resulting in damage to the brain cells and central nervous system.

Symptoms & Warning Signs
The most common symptoms are frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased fluid intake. Other symptoms include blurred vision, feelings of irritability, severe fatigue, unexpected weight loss, feelings of extreme hunger, irritation of the skin in the genital area, and slower healing of superficial wounds. Weight loss tends to be seen most commonly with Type 1 diabetes. Unlike type 1 diabetes, the symptoms for type 2 diabetes develop very slowly.

Causes & Risk Factors
The exact cause of diabetes is unclear, but several risk factors are evident. People are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes if they eat a diet that is high in fat, are overweight, or have a family history of diabetes. Age is also a risk factor.

Prevention & Treatment
Patients can prevent type 2 diabetes by following a well balanced diet and by maintaining a regular exercise routine. Patients of type 1 diabetes may need to take insulin injections. Treatment may also be necessary for complications including heart problems, kidney failure, pancreas problems, and infections.

Tests & Diagnosis
A urinalysis is the first level of testing and can show glucose levels in addition to how fat is broken down. Blood glucose tests (fasting and non-fasting) can provide a more detailed breakdown of whether the person has diabetes.

There are so far no cures for diabetes.

Steve asks…

Is it actually possible to have type diabetes and….?

not lose weight and only have mild symptoms? I’m a 13 year old girl, not overweight, no history of diabetes and generally in good health but am experiencing symptoms of diabetes. The thing is that i don’t have severe symptoms but i have mild symptoms that started maybe a couple of weeks ago, here are the symptoms

Being more thirsty, i used to have maybe one drink a day and now i have about 8-12 glasses, i’m not constantly thirsty but i drink a lot more at night than in the day.

I urinate a lot, especially in the evening (i have always had a weak bladder though)

I have fatigue.

Cuts take a long time to heal and i have increased infections, i have oral thrush and it refuses to clear up i have tried two treatments and neither of them have got rid of it.

I’m definitely more hungry.

I have only lost maybe 3 pounds.

I generally don’t feel well and have lots of aches and pains.

I also have a lot of little things like bubbly urine and other little symptoms like that.

You see the thing is that my symptoms point more towards diabetes 2 but isn’t it more common for teens to have type 1? Do you think i could have type 1 in the very early stages? There’s nothing i can do about this as i’m not allowed to the doctor so please tell me what i can do to get rid of it, also please be very honest i don’t just want you to say “you sound like you could have it” i want to hear if you think my symptoms sound like diabetes and what type i may have etc.
Sorry i also forgot to say my vision is a liittle blurry and seems to be getting a bit worse.
Sorry the title should ay type 1 diabetes not type diabetes.
Once i get up and have the first drink of the day, usually diet coke or peach juice as i crave sweet drinks then i can go maybe maximum one hour without anything but at the same time one drink can last me an hour or two.

diabetes consultant answers:

It does sound like you have it. I would recommend going to the doctor so they can tell you for sure. You wouldn’t have type 2 at your age and type 1 is an auto immune disease so there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Mark asks…

How does the insulin with diabetes work?

Well, that was a bit confusing. I’m doing a fasting blood test soon and while I don’t think I have it, I’m curious as to what the treatment is. Do you always have to inject the insulin? Why can’t it be taken as a tablet? How do you know when you need to inject it?
Also, can you have type 2 diabetes when you’re 15? Again, I don’t think I have it, but my symptoms are milder and closer to those of type 2 diabetes than type 1…

diabetes consultant answers:

Diabetes medication can’t be taken orally because hydrochloric acid in the stomach digests the medication. Different types of Insulin do different things, for instance, some open up the cell walls so that glucose can enter the cell and be used for the cell’s physiologic purposes. Other Insulins may release storage of glucose from the liver or muscles, or help the body utilise glucose better. What type of Insulin ur given depends on the blood sugar levels, other medical conditions and type of diabetes, and age (this list is too long to include here). Most standard Insulins work for most people -you can get short, medium and long lasting Insulins. And anyone can get any type of diabetes at an age – it’s not just about an unhealthy lifestyle – genetics plays about a 60% part in diabetes, according to the endocrinologist I used to work with. Hav u had a urine test done first? The Dr is doing the fasting blood test to see if ur sugars are high after having fasted – some people can even be pre-diabetic – they aren’t diabetic YET, but have some of the warning symptoms. Don worry- just wait 4 the results and talk to ur Dr.

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Obesity And Diabetes

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Mike asks…

Can two different people using the same blood glucose meter make the results different then what they are?

My mom tested her blood sugar and it said over 200. My brother tested and it said 61. I tested and it said 41. Are these correct numbers or did it alter the results by 3 people using the same meter? Im out of strips.

diabetes consultant answers:

No, my friend, using the blood glucose meter for different people will NOT affect the results. Blood glucose meters these days tend to be very reliable and accurate.

What you need to bear in mind is that there’s a correct way of ensuring that the results you do get are accurate. You should wash and properly dry your hands before testing. This is because various substances, foodstuffs, drinks, etc. Can affect the result offered … As can having wet/sweaty hands.

It also matters at what time of day you test your blood, and whether it’s before you’ve eaten or after.

A fasting blood glucose reading for a non-diabetic (that’s after sleeping and before eating and drinking the next morning) should be within the range of 70 to 99 mg/dL.

Two hours post-prandial (that’s after eating), a non-diabetic’s blood glucose level would not normally be expected to go above 140 mg/dL.

Please note, I did say normally. There are various times when blood glucose levels COULD go above this level, and this would include such times as you are ill or have an underlying infection, during times of stress, and when you’re taking certain medications. This is why it’s imperative that IF you should see numbers outside of the figures quoted, that you see a doctor for a full examination, and relevant blood tests. (You can be relatively sure that the doctor’s blood glucose meter will also have been calibrated to ensure that correct results are given.)

Having said that, no matter what time of day your mother tested her blood glucose level, 200 mg/dL seems rather high. You don’t mention that your mother had been diagnosed diabetic, or that she’s taking any medications, so it might be worth getting her to see the doctor.

Both your brother and yourself seem to have lower than ‘normal’ blood glucose levels. This COULD indicate that you possibly have hypoglycemia, but you need to take into account how long it had been since you last ate, and whether or not you had been exercising or working. All of these could lower your blood glucose level.

Whatever the outcome, I wish you all long, happy, healthy lives.

Be well.

Joseph asks…

What brand glucose meter is accurate and has the cheapest test strips?

I currently use Accu-check Compact but the strips are $55 for 50 strips. I need to find something much cheaper. I’ve seen strips for $20 and less for 50, but don’t know if they are reliable. Anyone have any experience with the cheap strip meters, and which one would you recommend?

diabetes consultant answers:

I was told to pick up the walmart reli on meter you get 100 strips per box for cheaper. I’m sure my doctor wouldn’t recommend it if it was not reliable.

Thomas asks…

What is the best glucose meter?

My current meter is too unreliable. I heard that there is new technology that provides more accurate results and faster than most meters. Does anyone have information on this?

diabetes consultant answers:

Dude, meters are giveways. The big drug companies make hundreds of millions on the strips and so they have junky meters. If you really want a great meter, get the keynote. The Keynote is far superior to any meter on the market right now. A box of 50 strips is only about $18. Not only is it very affordable but, it’s so compact that it fits easily into a purse or pocket. It also takes a very small sample and you get results in a second. I got mine from free my doctor. I’m sure your doctor can get a free one too.

Caroline asks…

How do you disable the beep on a Freestyle Lite glucose meter?

When you put the sample of blood onto the test strip, it beeps. Does anyone know how to turn it off?

diabetes consultant answers:

Here is the user’s guide for that meter online in PDF form. Go down to page 22, and it shows you exactly how to disable sound.


Charlie asks…

Benefits of using a glucose meter without having diabetes?

Ok what would be the benefits of measuring my B.G even if I don’t have diabetes? This is for a school assignment. Would it be a good choice to use if your watching weight? Or calories or something? Thanks so much! Since I use mine to measure mine so I don’t die lol I don’t know why you could use one w/o diabetes?

diabetes consultant answers:

The only way to benefit from checking glucose without having diabetes is to be HYPOglycemic or having low blood glucose and needing to know when you are actually too low. And for those in danger of having diabetes so they know they are keeping to a very low carbohydrate plan. They would only check glucose once in a while like once a week or every other week.

My daughter checks her glucose levels to make sure she isn’t becoming diabetic. My mother was type 2, my brother is type 2, my sister is HYPO, and I am type 2. My daughter has legitamate reasons for checking her glucose levels once in a while.

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Obesity And Diabetes

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Jemima asks…

gestational diabetes..wtf? What does this mean?

So this is my second question now in reference to gestational diabetes ( diabetes in pregnant women)
Im gonna sum it all up for ya so its not some super long story.
My Dr. said I had It. They wanted to monitor me. I changed my diet to her strict diet. They gave me the meter and she said my numbers were to high and i needed insulin after only seeing my numbers for 2 days. Of course Im in denile- I really don’t think i have it. I also checked my blood 3x in a row with in the same minute and none of the numbers are the same ( see my other question for more deats)

Alright so HERE is my question…

Okay so my numbers are high- well then how comes when I eat stuff that she told me not to eat like a shit ton of pasta or soda or a glass of juice my numbers are waaaaaaaaay lower? Any ideas why this whole thing for me is ass backwards?

What could this mean. I really dont think I have this GD but then again if I didnt why would my blood glucose ever be high?

and no…im not on insulin.
I keep hearing about this 3 hour test. My dr only made me drink this orange soda tasting carbonated drink. I had to drink it all in 5 min and then sit for an hour before they could take my blood.

diabetes consultant answers:

Your attitude is dangerous – shown by the fact that you’re ignoring your doctor’s advice and playing a risky game with your health and the health of your baby.

If you want advice, please post the glucose readings you’re talking about.

Mandy asks…

Plz read ppl with type 1 diabetes!?

Okay so I just went to the er. My bg is 361 they said I had sugar in my pee. I’m a type 1 diabetic all they did was give me a shot of insulin called humalog they gave me 10 units. I’m freaking out bec I’ve only taken novalog and lantis all my life. I have no insulin bec of no medi card. I’m wondering if ill be okay to sleep. Bec I have no meter to check it considering the fact I have no money and I’m sick all the time from high blood glucose and I have had no hope with trying to get medi card. Will I be okay with taking humalog? Sry so long I’m just scared.

diabetes consultant answers:

Humalog is just another form of Novolog, it’s just a different brand name. You should be fine to sleep. If your BG does go low, you’ll wake up from it.

I’m also going to tell you how important it is to be taking care of yourself. Keeping your BG at a normal level will reduce your risk of complications later in life. I’m sure there is some assistance program available for you? Look into your local Diabetes association and ask them to help you to get supplies.

All the best!

David asks…

Could I still have it?

Today 20 minutes after a meal after a couple m&ms I checked my blood sugar with my neighbor’s glucose meter and I was 4.5.We went to Swiss Chalet and I had a glass of water,a lot of corn,two mini burgers with ketchup,and 5 m&ms.Is that really low??Then they checked my friend and she was 13.5.But she had a lot more sugar to eat.Like a big piece of cake with ice cream,fries,two mini burgers with ketchup,a bowl of ice cream,and 2 m&ms.Is that normal??She is fat!!No offense Rebecca.So anyway my symptoms are always having to go to the loo(as close together as 30mins),I am always thirsty,so I drink,drink,drink,I now always tired because I’m up at night drinking,always hungry,blurred vision on and off,my sweat smells fruity,and yesterday my mom told me to brush my teeth because she smelt a fruity smell in my breath when I just woke up.My mom said she will take me to the doctor.Even though my blood sugar was 4.5 but that’s because I didn’t eat much.I was wondering if it’s still a possibility that I have diabetes.Thanks a ton.
Also,my fingers and toes tingle.I bruised where they took the blood.Is that okay?No one in my family has it.I bleed a lot and it takes forever for my cuts to heal.
It’s that guy and Dr. B who had the best answer but I chose Dr. B because I didn’t know if I under eat it could get very bad.Thanks everyone.

diabetes consultant answers:

Wreck-less eating may land u in great trouble. As per ur description, u may be a diabetic.
Please, see a doctor before it is too late.
God bless u with good health and good dietary habits.

Ken asks…

Why won’t the lab techs check your blood sugar when you tell them it is bottoming out instead of waiting….

every hour on the hour? I took my meter with me to check while I was having the test done. My sugar level dropped to 46. I was having seizure type activity. The lab tech waited until it was on the hour to take my blood. By then it was back up to normal. No explainations from her or the doctor. The reason I took my own meter was, I had been having these spells for a while and had already had a previous glucose test that showed normal but experienced the bottoming out.
I did not eat anything. I had to be there first thing in the morning. I told the doctor about my symptoms and he thought I was just having anxiety issues. I even showed him my meter which showed repeated low, low, low blood surgar levels.

diabetes consultant answers:

It was a good thing you brought your own meter! I think the lab tech knows that she can get in trouble for doing a test that was different from what was ordered by your doctor. She had to follow the directions exactly. If the doctor wants to see the evidence of a low glucose level, he/she could probably write an order for an extra blood draw to be done at the time that you are having symptoms. Maybe that would work. Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon.

Chris asks…

Why did I receive 2 different blood sugar readings?

I took my blood sugar around 3 pm today and I took another one about 2 minutes later using the same machine. I use the Prodigy Autocode meter. This is a no coding glucose monitor. My first reading was 110 and the second reading was 144. I don’t understand why there was a big discrepancy in the blood sugar levels within a 2 minute time frame. I want to monitor my blood sugar closely and I need to make sure I am having accurate readings. Can anyone tell me why I had this problem and what can I do in the future.

diabetes consultant answers:

Home glucose meters are fun, aren’t they? In truth, most glucose meters are accurate enough for our purposes – testing, not diagnosis. Unfortunately, though, this variability could be considered totally within the meter’s normal range of accuracy.

The reality is that, if you test your five fingers on your right hand one minute apart, you’ll probably get five different readings. Some may be close; some may be 30 points off.

You should call your meter company to complain, though. I did this once for a 40-point discrepancy and the woman over the phone told me that it was within the meter’s range and there was nothing she could do.

Because you’re a Type 1 and on insulin, I understand why you want to pinpoint the number as close as you can; however, that’s just impossible. Unless you have reason to believe your first number is inaccurate, go with the first reading you see. Or you could go crazy like I do, test a third time, and then average them. :D

Also, blood sugar is constantly changing. One reading is just an isolated moment in time.

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Obesity And Diabetes

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Steve asks…

Sudden burning in nose,upper jaw, feel breathless, then dizzy, seeing stars?

Sudden burning in nose,upper jaw, feel breathless, then dizzy, seeing stars?
It is very sudden. It may occur a couple x a month or multiple x year. All of a sudden I get the feeling of intense burning in the nose, like getting hit in the nose. I have trouble catching my breath. As the burning subsides, I get very dizzy and weak and see stars. Sometimes I have to hold onto things. The episodes only last 5-10 seconds. Does anybody have a clue what it could be? Feedback is greatly appreciated.

I am 35 years old. Family history of mother and sisters are positive for diabetes, heart failure, TIA (mini-stroke), Epilepsy, MTHFR (blood clotting problem- too many), heart defects-valve.

I have had my first one in my teen years. The past couple of years find them more frequent. I have asthma. I have good blood pressure. It isn’t heart burn, or indigestion. I had heart burn/indigestion during pregnancy and I know what that is. It isn’t a panic attack. Had a couple of those before. I am not stressed before it happens. It usually occurs while I’m doing things (driving, walking, surfing the net, etc.). It stops me in my tracks. It can’t be ignored. After the dizziness totally goes away, about 20 seconds later, I feel absolutely fine. Other people notice them if it occurs when I’m talking to them. I know what is happening/what people are saying when they occur. I can’t speak because I am so breathless, and the burning pain is severe.

I’ve told doctors about this, and they brush me off. I did get an EKG one time for 3 minutes, but I didn’t have any symptoms during the test. He didn’t believe me. My OB doctor didn’t believe me either when I told them I had high blood sugar during my pregnancy. (I have my own glucose meter) I ended up having a 10 lb. 2 oz. baby on my due date. I begged to be tested early for the problem. They said I wasn’t old enough, to have it and I was slender. I massively failed the test at 6 months. I moved and went to another ob. I my 3rd child was 11 lb 4 oz boy at 39 weeks. He was admitted to the NICU as an infant of a diabetic mother. Of course they also told me I didn’t have diabetes. They never tested me for it, and refused to look at my readings on the glucose meter. I know when something is not normal. This isn’t normal. Any suggestions, even odd ones are appreciated.

diabetes consultant answers:

It is difficult to determine the cause of these symptoms over the internet, but I can try to help you some. The first thing that comes to my mind is a panic attack, which can be associated with dizziness, shortness of breath and the other symptoms you are mentioning. I know you said you know it is not a panic attack and it is certainly possible that it is related to something else. Panic attacks can lead to fast breathing (hyperventialation), which results decreases the carbon dioxide in the blood which results in an increase in the pH of the blood slightly known as a respiratory alkolosis. Symptoms of respiratory alkolosis include dizziness, sensory changes around the mouth/nose and hands/feet. This could be one explanation for the burning in your nose/jaw. Hyperventialation can occur for other reasons, such as an asthma attack. I know you say that you have asthma and the episodes are associated with breathlessness. Asthma attacks usually do not last 10 seconds though and I am sure you are familiar with the symptoms you usually get with the asthma attack.

There are many things that can lead to shortness of breath and dizziness, such as a heart condition. I think a heart condition is unlikely in your case unless you have a known heart condition. Low blood sugar could potentially lead to the dizziness, but it would not last for 10 seconds. It would be helpful to know exactly what you mean by dizziness. Do you mean lightheadedness or do you mean the room is spinning? Lightheadedness is more suggestive of low blood pressure or a heart condition. If the room is spinning, then this is vertigo and is consistent with a middle ear issue. I do not think these complaints relate at all to your history of gestational diabetes.

Unfortunately, if you want to determine the exact cause of these complaints then you will have to see a doctor. It sounds like you do not have the best relationship with your current/previous doctor and you feel like they don’t listen to your complaints. I would suggest that you seek a second opinion if you are unhappy with the evaluation by your current doctors. It is really hard to say exactly what these symptoms are secondary to with limited information over the internet. I think it is unlikely to be anything serious though.

Jim asks…

ok so this is weird i went to my doctors and had a fasting done for blood sugar?

because i was testing at home with a meter and was getting high readings well heres the thing my fasting came back at 78 which my doctor said i am not a diabetic, so i went with that.. but i continue to have the symptoms so i went out got another glucose meter and checked it again 2 times a day and am getting high readings still the highest was 245 i dont understand this… why am i getting high readings with the meter and not with the fasting test.. and also i been epericening another problem seems as if i dont have to pee much so i been drinking bottle water when i do go to pee there is like a oily look to my urine why is this should i go for a second opion or go with the doctor?

diabetes consultant answers:

Are you doing a fasting test? Are your hands clean. Did you calibrate your meter? Then do fasting test.245 indicates diabetes. Yes you have a dilemma . But just do the fasting. Otherwise you will be chasing numbers all over the place.

I think we all have a oily looking pee at times. I only look at pee for one reason, to see if tooo much foam. That would tell me if I have kidney problems.

Good luck my friend. >

Helena asks…

Question on diabetes type 2 . Comments advice appreciated.?

I have had type 2 for 6 years and thought it was all under control , my blood sugar level was always 6 in the mornings and ranged up to 10 during the course of the day. I had HB2ac tets every 3 to 6 mths and it was always average 6. My doctor always used to say that was good and I must be doing things right ! , now with that in mind I was never above eating something sweet on the odd occaision and so long as as I knew that my next blood test ( HB2ac I think thats what its called ) would be 6 I was content !!
Then I got a new blood glucoe meter and was shocked to find readings that started at 10 in the morning and climbed steadily during the day up to 19 on a couple of occaisions !
Back to the docs clutching my new glucose meter ( after having another blood test ) . Well the doc was not in the least interested in my readings but pointed to the computer screen where my blood results were displayed as 7 and said ” Nothing wrong there ! I am happy at that .!!! Any comment ??
Thanks for that Mr Peachy ! , its just that most other type 2 keep checking their B/S level very regularly so whats the point of keep pricking your finger when your HBA1c is 6 or 7 every time ?. Oh to change the scale I just multyply or divide by 18 , I have heard about the test solution but I have never seen any, I will chase that up !!Thanks again !!

Cheers Pete
Anyway thanks very much for the answer !!

diabetes consultant answers:

Sounds to me like your glucose meter is out of calibration. I’m pretty sure a well worn tech like you checked the strip calibration numbers before using them. There should have been a solution to test the calibration of the strips as well. If you have a friend with a glucometer, compare against that too. If everything checks out okay and your meter still gives high readings compared to the other meters, including your doctor’s meter, worry not… Just go get another one.

BTW it’s HbA1C.

The conversion from mmol/l to mg/dl can be found here:
http://www.brist.plus.com/convert.htm in case someone here gives you the usual, “those numbers are way too low, etc”

For some really helpful tips that will help get you even lower, visit this very helpful webpage I tossed together:


Your HbA1C should be under 6 (mine’s 5.8 and the doc wants it even lower… Imagine) and your fasting glucose should be 5 to 6.1. I seldom worry about the post prandial numbers as they tend to do as they will. I rarely go over 170 for long. Sounds like you’re managing well, Pete.

Ken asks…

How can you get your glucose reading down quickly?

I just began checking my glucose level after a morning fasting test showed it to be 200. I took the test to my doctor when my husband had an appointment. He said I need to be on meds but did not prescribe any. His nurse (on her own) gave me a meter and test strips. I have cut all sugars that I can think of from my diet, or that I know are turning to sugars, Now my readings range from the 150′s to 230′s. I did have a little mayo on a turkey sandwich (on Natures Own wheat bread) for lunch and a banana..about 4 hours ago, and now my reading is 228. I am going to make an appointment with him this coming week and take all my readings. I have back and knee problems so walking and exercize is difficult, but will that bring it down quickly? My ears ringing..is that diabetes as well? That has been going on for a long time now. I am a hundred pounds overweight. I cut out all soft drinks and sweet tea, virtually all salt and lost 23 pounds in about 5 months. That had to do with my weight, before I discovered I probably have diabetes. thanks!

diabetes consultant answers:

From those numbers, I’d have to say that you almost certainly have diabetes, however, you really need some lab work. Meters can be off as much as 20% either way and only your doctor can diagnose diabetes.

I’m surprised he didn’t give you a prescription for Metformin, perhaps he simply forgot or wants to get the lab word done first. Next time you see him, ask for an HbA1c and a Glucose Tolerance Test.

Once you have been diagnosed, then ask your doctor about Metformin. Its the gold standard of oral meds for type 2 diabetes.

Don’t make any more dietary changes until you have the prescription, or your doctor may not give it to you. If your numbers improve a lot, he may not prescribe it yet, and you’ll be struggling on your own to get your numbers down.

After you have been taking Metformin for a month, get yourself a copy of the South Beach Diet. Try the second phase as soon as you have been on the metformin for a month, (give your body a chance to adjust to the meds first).

What to aim for: Fasting levels should be between 75 and 100.

After meals should be under 140 at 1 hour from the start of your meal and under 120 at 2 hours from the start of the meal.

If your doctor will refer you to a diabetes center, with counselling from a diabetes nurse and dietician, it would be very helpful, so ask about it at your next appointment.

Make a list and take it with you, so next time nothing gets forgotten.

Get a prescription for the test strips, and lancets too, and if you have insurance, make sure its a meter your insurance company will cover the test strips for.

If you have a choice, the Freestyle Freedome Lite is very easy to use, requires the smallest sample, and allows alternate site testing.


For more info on testing and links, and also recommended book titles, see my blog…


PS. I understand where you are coming from. I have joint problems too and its very difficult and painful to exercise. Next to impossible, in fact.

Caroline asks…

? for Diabetics/pre-diabetes. Can a hospital’s bloodwork produce a false reading?

Sorry so long….

My mother (75) was in the hospital during x-mas time. During that time they diagnosed her with diabetes/pre-diabetes. She was having blood levels ranging from 130-265 while in the hospital. We got the glucose meter….etc, and started testing at home. We also went and seen a dietician and she was puzzled with my mother’s at home readings, that were only ranging from 91-130. She is not taking any insulin at this time.

Fast forward to last week when my mother had to have a 12 hour fasting labwork done at the hospital. The hospital said her blood glucose was 195. I don’t understand how. We have never been able to duplicate such a high reading at home, especially not eating anything for 12 hours.

I have calibrated the meter and it is fine, but I don’t know what is going one. If anyone has maybe some insight as to what is going on, I would love to hear it. Could the hospital’s tests be off in some way?


diabetes consultant answers:

Blood sugar levels can go all over the place, depending on how much insulin your body produces and and how well your body uses the insulin it does produce. The better test to have done is a Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) test. That will tell how her blood sugar has been over a long period of time. Good results of a HbA1c are 7.0 or lower. The doctors should be doing this test as a routine matter if her blood sugar levels are high in the hospital.

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Obesity And Diabetes

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Mandy asks…

diabetes glucose standards?

I was recently told by my doctor that new standards had been adopted concerning hbaic and dailey monitoring of blood sugar.Hba1c at 5.0 or below and meter readings below 100.These standards,to me,are totally unrealistic and virtuall unatainable.Some doctors fantasy.Anyone have any info or thoughts on this.When i was diagnosed 6 years ago,the numbers were 7 or below for hba1c and below 120 for meter readings.

diabetes consultant answers:

Your doctor is wrong. You are right. See my recent blood test results here:

John asks…

Is there something wrong with my blood sugar ?

I have friend that just started using a glucose meter to monitor her health. For fun she wanted me to try. This was in the morning so I only had a half of bagel for breakfast and a Chocolate milk.My first reading was 48 then about 45 minutes later I had a lunch consisting of chicken breast rice and two ice teas with one sugar in each. Right after lunch we checked my level again it was 183. I was looking on the web it points to prediabetes, is this right ? I just had a physical a week ago and had my blood tested the only thing the Dr. did not like was my cholesterol. I don’t know if the blood test that was taken covered glucose readings. Can anyone shed some light?

diabetes consultant answers:

Doesn’t sound like it.

You “problem” is measuring your blood sugar at the wrong time. NEVER measure blood sugar right after eating! Your blood sugar will ALWAYS be high then. NEVER measure your blood sugar any sooner then TWO HOURS after eating.

For best results, measure your blood sugar BEFORE meals ONLY — like 5 minutes before. In this case your blood sugar should always be normal — 80-120. Maybe a bit lower if you measure just before breakfast.

A 183 take immediately after you eat is not bad, but because you took the reading so soon after eating, the reading is basically meaningless.

Bob asks…

Diabetes questions, please help (:?

1. my fasting glucose is around 6.2 (132), and 7.8 (160) – Is this normal? ( I am NOT diabetic)
2. A good diet for a diabetic??
3. the best glucose meter?
4. normal readings for a diabetic and a non- diabetic, and a pre-diabetic. ?
5. Good things to lower blood sugar besides insulin and diabetic meds.
6. Do A1C tests hurt??

Thank you for ALL your help. No funny answers.. I need serious answers. please and thanks <3

diabetes consultant answers:

In the US, normal fasting levels r between 90-120, so u r a little high. I would watch my diet, eat veggies & protein avoid sugar. Also exercise like power walking.

Daniel asks…

How Accurate Are Urine Test Strips?

The strips for the glucose meters are so expensive I can’t afford them anymore. Are the strips that test your sugar from urine accurate? Someone told me they tend to overreact and give very high readings. Thanks.

diabetes consultant answers:

I wouldn’t bother with urine strips. They aren’t accurate. The results are about 2 – 4hrs old.

Steve asks…

OneTouch & True Track meters giving way different readings, which do I trust?

My OBGYN told me my fasting glucose tolerance test numbers were a little high and to start monitoring my sugar at home, my 1 and 2 hour tests were fine tho. (I’m 26 weeks pregnant and have never had sugar issues before)

I’ve been using the True Track for a few days now and it’s been giving me crazy high readings so I decided to get a onetouch ultra mini to compare.
One hour after eating onetouch gave me 111 (I had eaten literally 0 carbs and sugar because the true track was giving me such crazy high readings I was afraid to) and gave my husband a 134 (he is not diabetic but did drink 3 glasses of sweet tea with supper). With the same blood samples the true touch gave me a 160 and gave my husband a 193.
What do you think? I would hate to cluelessly assume I have my sugar under control because my meter reads low but at the same time I would hate to freak out thinking my sugar was way higher then it really is too.

diabetes consultant answers:

I trust my One Touch meters and use them even tho my insurance company does NOT favor them and charges me 50% of the cost of the test strips where the True Track they pay for the strips entirely. But I have been extremely dizzy and disoriented and the True Track said I was at 100!!

NOTE: do not ever use the same blood dot to do more than one test!! Even if you have 2 meters set up and ready to use. Blood degrades in the air fairly rapidly and won’t give you a good reading if it has been exposed ot oxygen for more than about 30 seconds.

Also, with those readings on your husband, you might ought to encourage him to go get blood work done! That is a bit high even with 3 glasses of sweet tea with supper. If he were normal it wouldn’t register that high.

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Obesity And Diabetes

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Helena asks…

What is a normal reading on my glucose meter 1 hour after food?

Hello all, just wondering what a normal glucose level after eating should be approx 1 hour after a regular meal? Thanks.

diabetes consultant answers:

An hour after eating is not a good time to test. Your food is just peaking into sugar. 2 hours after is okay that way you can make sure the sugar is coming down. I would ask your doctor about testing times.

Daniel asks…

What should be the glucose meter in mg/dl when I have Gestational D and I am going thro’ a controled diet.

I am 32 week pregnant and on controlled diet for Gestational Diabetes. I am using bayer machine to check three times glucose reading …I am unable to understand what is the upper and lower limit in mg/dl that shows that GD is under control.

diabetes consultant answers:

The figures given below are for pre-diabetic patients.
Fasting blood sugar- Less than 125 mg/dL.(Normal-Less than 100 mg/dL)
Post prandial blood sugar (2 hours after taking food)- Less than 200 mg/dL.(Less than 140 mg/dL)
Consult your doctor.
Please see the web pages for more details on S.I., Diabetes mellitus and Gestational diabetes.

Don asks…

is there a glucose meter that uses the strip to prick finger and give results?

this glucose meter needs to prick finger with strip,because of limited mobilety,no needle

diabetes consultant answers:

At this time not to my knowledge there isn’t one invented yet. But that would be a great invention idea to bring up to a DME equipment company if I was you.

Nancy asks…

can two people share a glucose meter?

Is there a blood glucose meter that is designed to be used by two people?
Thanks to all for your answers. I am asking this because my parents are diabetics. It would be easier for us if the meter had a button or something that would allow us to switch between users and keep data for both rather than have them have to log their data. My mom is 74 and my dad is 79. Their health is not that great. This would make it easier.

diabetes consultant answers:

There are none made to be used by two people, but it is a brilliant idea.
When your doctor looks at your numbers he/she wouldn’t have anyway of knowing who’s numbers belong to whom.

Alana asks…

Which is the best type of blood glucose meter for the most accuracy?

I have tried four types of blood glucose monitors, and so far none of them are as accurate as i need…
i have tried the “one touch ultra smart” “one touch ultra” abbott’s “freestyle lite” and i am currently
using the “contour” by bayer.
I was just wondering if anyone had some helpful information/experience
with any kind of glucose monitor.
Thank you!

diabetes consultant answers:

I like the Contour — is it not giving u accurate readings?

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Obesity And Diabetes

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Kirstie asks…

What is a truly normal blood sugar number?

I was having some symptoms of diabetes and tested my blood sugar with my dads meter (he has type 2) my fasting level was 97 and 2 hours after I ate it was 120. I tested again before my next meal 5 hours later and it was 140. I went to my doctor because my dad said that 140 was too high. Especially since I hadn’t eaten in so long and when I did eat it was just a sandwich. My first doctor did a fasting glucose test and it was 99. She said I was fine and was making up not feeling well. So I went to another doctor. This one said that the FGT wasn’t accurate for diagnosis so she did an A1C test. She didn’t tell me what the number for that was, but that I wasn’t diabetic. Then I was talking to my friend who’s been a type 1 diabetic for 9 years and she said that the A1C showed your average over the last 3 months. I haven’t been feeling sick over the last 3 months, and it had only been a couple weeks that I had been feeling bad when they did the test. She said it might not have been accurate enough. Is that true? I’ve been eating very carefully all year and exercising (my New Years resolution was to loose 40 pounds and I did it!) And since I noticed slightly higher blood sugar levels I’ve been really watching the carbs and I eat no more refined sugar. I’m still feeling bad though. Sometimes it’s not too bad, but other times I’m just SO thirsty and I have to go to the bathroom all the time, and my legs and arms have been getting really cramped up lately. Then I was getting dizzy and getting headaches. I have like no energy at all most of the time. And I get hungry, and then when I eat I feel worse. I’m not overweight and I’m very active. But type 1 and 2 run on both sides of my family. Could I be in the process of getting one or the other? Can higher levels be a warning that type 1 is coming, or only type 2? Can I even get type 2 if I’m normal weight and eating right? There are only 2 doctors in my town and I went to them both already. Do I need to find another doctor or just wait until my current doctor feels like re-testing me. Or is there something I can do myself to know if I really even need to go back right away? I keep hearing that normal fasting is anything under 126 and anything under 200 after eating. But if so, why are the “normal ranges” 70-120? I’m just really confused! Can someone help me, please? :)

diabetes consultant answers:

Hello my friend,

You have a lot of questions and rightfully so. I am a type 2 diabetic and can relate to some of the symptoms you are talking about.

There is a great book called Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution by Dr Richard K Bernstein.

He is a type 1 diabetic and has been so since he was a child, he is now in his 70′s.

He covers a lot of the questions you have.

By the way normal blood sugars are around 75 – 85 (that’s where non diabetics usually are).

I just checked Amazon for his book and they have it for only $19.79 (normally $29.99). This is for his latest book. You can also purchase his older books, they have valuable information in them as well.

I hope this helps.

Ollie G

Joseph asks…

Do you think I should get retested?

okay this is going to be kind of long. I apologize :]
I’m 16. I have Cystic Fibrosis. Just recently I moved to a new doctors office in a new town. I drink a lot of Mountain Dew. My second visit there they gave me an oral glucose tolerance test(first one I ever had). Now please no lectures, I went to a party two days before this and had a good bit of alcohol( I don’t do this often). But I just wanted to include that in case it could affect the results. Well after two hours they pricked my finger and my glucose was quite high. So they told me I had diabetes and gave me insulin and needles and a blood sugar meter and told me Merry Christmas( No joke its exactly what they did, it was the day before Christmas Eve). Well my blood sugar is not high at all. But when I take my insulin my blood sugar shoots way up. If I don’t do insulin its around 80-90. when I do do insulin its around 140. Weird right? It just seems weird to me that insulin makes my blood sugar go up. Should I get tested again somewhere else? My mom thinks it weird too. Any advice?
By the way I have no symptoms of diabetes, none at all.

diabetes consultant answers:

Yes, get retested after fasting.

Helena asks…

Why have I gained 15 pounds in a month??

My blood sugar is normal and everything. But everyday I look at the scale and it gets higher! Now I am fifteen pounds heavier than I was last month. No one says I look any different as I have asked because of the rapidly rising scale. I don’t think anything fits any differently–certainly not FIFTEEN POUNDS differently. My first fear was diabetes but I checked my blood sugar (a relative’s glucose meter) and it was normal. Is it possible that my metabolism has come to a screeching halt since I have stopped working out (it’s been a little over a month since I worked out)?

it’s not a good gain either as I am already overweight

diabetes consultant answers:

Hi! I don’t have an answer for you but want you to know I feel your pain. Out of nowhere it seems, I look at the scale and it says I gained about 10-15 lbs in the past two weeks. Given I don’t work out as much as I did a month ago, but I don’t eat all that terrible. I don’t feel or see all of the weight gain and people don’t believe me, but I despise looking at the scale! I can’t figure it out. I don’t feel bloated or anything, but I’m hoping it is something to do with that… It’s bad because it makes me want to crash diet, since the weight all came so fast! I am going to try to get into exercising again… :( Best of luck to you~

Lynn asks…

Is it possible to be hypoglycemic and have NO other health issues?

My 8yr old, who is not diabetic hasn’t wanted to eat much lately. He had a virus a few weeks ago that made him throw up so I thought he was just afraid to eat much because he didn’t want to get sick again. Out of curiosity, I checked his blood sugar with my other sons glucose meter(I have 2 other sons w type 1) the 8yr olds fasting BS was 57. It went up to 80 after eating and he said he felt fine. Could he just have a low BS because he hasn’t eaten much in the past week or so? He’ll eat soup and crackers and some fruits and veggies but it’s a fight to get him to eat anything else. Thoughts?

diabetes consultant answers:

Yes, absolutely. The foods that we consume are processed by the body into glucose, which are the fuel we use for energy. Nearly 98% of carbohydrates get converted into glucose, 58% of proteins, and about 30% of fats. When we are sick, and we cannot stomach eating many foods, or whatever we eat we have a hard time keeping down, the body is not receiving the fuel that it needs to function properly, so thus, he will have lower blood sugars than usual. When he doesn’t want to eat very much, give him some things he might enjoy such as a 1/2 cup of juice, or 1/2 a cup of milk, or a 1/2 cup of soda, a handful of crackers (check serving sizes)… Even one small piece of candy, if he can handle it. These types of foods have about 15 grams of carbohydrate in them, and when consumed once an hour or every couple of hours help keep the blood glucose levels from dropping to low, when we are sick, and cannot eat very many things. They also prevent the body from burning fat to use as fuel, because it is not getting enough glucose (or energy) from diet, and thus prevent big weight loss.

Alana asks…

Working around people wiht AIDS?

I am a Health care/Social worker and I just had my first patient with AIDS. I understand the mannerism working around people with AIDS and didn’t mind even eating a cracker the patient offered lol. My concern was working with the Medical Assistant that was assigned to him. The patient had a CBG (blood glucose) to be drawn every hour. So we had to poke him with a needle prick. When Phlembotomist came to get his blood drawn he refused and made a big deal out of it, this was the first time I had to get his Blood sugar, so I was getting things ready and notice the MA didn’t have an alcohol swab. She said that they don’t use them cause the meter reads incorrectly which is understandable if YOU DO IT WRONG! I know for a fact from being trained that you swab the patient before and dab with cotton patch, then take the test. Then tell the patient to hold it there to stop the bleeding. I didn’t want to make a big deal when the next time came around and she had no cotton swabs, but the patient would some times not hold the cotton swab there and blood would smear on his hands. I didn’t want to make the patient uncomfortable. I also understand that I signed a contract and took training modules that say I am comfortable working in such environments. But should I have provided the alcohol swabs to the MA and told her that because the patient does have AIDS she should use the alcohol swab to keep the area clean??

diabetes consultant answers:

I have worked in the medical field for years and know that some hospitals are changing protocols and that a lot of hospitals DO NOT use alcohol swabs when doing finger sticks because it can cause skewed readings. If you have a concern about how the MA is doing her job then you should speak to her outside or speak to her supervisor. The person taking blood should also ALWAYS practice standard precautions (treating every sample- blood, urine, sputum as if it were infected with something) whether or not their patient has a contagious disease (wearing gloves, washing hands). Obviously you were not satisfied with the explanation the MA gave you for why she wasn’t using a swab, so speak to the charge nurse (if you are in a hospital) or speak to the patient’s nurse or you could even go to your supervisor.

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Obesity And Diabetes

Monday, December 26th, 2011

Graham asks…

How long do you keep a blood glucose meter?

I have gestational diabetes, as I’ve had with all 3 of my pregnancies. I am using the same meter from my last pregnancy, which was 2 1/2 years ago. I was curious as to how long the meters stay accurate before you need to purchase a new one.

diabetes consultant answers:

I know some diabetics who’ve kept the same one for over five years. I’m going on three years. The battery stopped working recently, but that was a $5 fix.

Obviously, there is some concern that the meter will become less accurate over time, but that’s fairly easy to verify. Bring your meter with you to your doctor’s appointments and test your blood sugar with the same sample the nurse uses. If your meter is within a close range, then you have your answer. You can also bring your meter to the lab, but you won’t be able to use the same blood. Just test shortly before or after the technician draws your blood.

Nancy asks…

What kind of blood glucose meter will upload the numbers to my computer?

I need a meter that will upload my bg numbers and print it out to give to my doctor that would be the easiest method. anyone have something like that?

diabetes consultant answers:

There are several manufacturers making glucometers that interface directly with computers. Bayer Diabetics Care, for example makes several. Home Diagnostics also offers several products. (Links to information in sources below).

Microsoft offers a free to use electronic medical records service called HealthVault that can be used to store medical information and forward it to your health care providers at your discretion.

Jane asks…

My mom is using a glucose meter, now my father needs it too do I need to buy another meter? ?

I know you can not use the lancet or the needle that was used by other person. glucose meter is use to test blood sugar for diabetic person.

diabetes consultant answers:

No, as long as you’re using a new lancet and strip every time. Paramedics use the same metre on hundreds of people.

Lisa asks…

Is there a One Touch glucose meter that is similar to the Accu Chek Compact meter?

I am currently using an Accu Chek Compact meter but my insurance will not cover the strips for this meter. They said they would only cover One Touch. So now I have to get a new meter. Dumb insurance. Anyway, I love the Accu Chek Compact because the strips come inside a drum which stays inside the machine and the machine distributes them for you. Does One Touch have any meters with this technology?

diabetes consultant answers:

Nope, sorry. I used to use the AccuChek Compact Plus for the same reason but I now use the One Touch Ultra Mini because it is so small and easy to carry.

Alana asks…

Can you delete the results off a OneTouch Ultra 2 blood glucose meter?

If so how can you, because mine is getting so full. It is so annoying to have to go through them all. So if you know how to delete the results or reset the meter period please tell me. Thanks in advance!

diabetes consultant answers:

There is no meter where you can delete a specific result.

All meters hold a moderate to large number of readings (200-500)
When you reach the max the meter will automatically add the new reading by deleting the oldest reading but the meter is programmed to do this, you can’t.


With some meters (mine is the Accu-chek Aviva) you can download the results to your computer and from there in the software program you can delete specific tests that were taken but you can’t do it from the meter.

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