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Questions And Answers On Low Sugar Snacks

Mark asks… what are some good low GI, sugar free cookies and other snacks? I want some good brand name items. Not just cookies, but chocolate and other types of snacks. Preferable lactose and milk free, but not required. diabetes consultant answers: Dark chocolate, peanutt butter cookies, go to gnc they have some alot of […]

Questions And Answers On Diabetic Diet Recipes

Paul asks… Where can i find Diabetic recipes? some that are for breakfast,lunch,dinner,snack,beverage. I need to change my diet. nutritonist didn’t give me recipes. diabetes consultant answers: Some of my favorites:|398881703 (not strictly diabetic but my doc recommended and I like – however, not all of his stuff is free) You […]

Questions And Answers On Low Sugar Fruits

Graham asks… what fruits are low in sugar but have a high water content? My mother is diabetic and also has difficulty consuming an adequate volume of water. Are there any fruits that could help? diabetes consultant answers: You could try watermelon. Its about 6% sugar and 85% water. Good luck! Steve asks… What fruits […]