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Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Diabetes and Memory Loss
By John Ingalls

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Some of the latest studies on diabetes point out to complications that may also affect the brain functions. Some of these effects include decline in cognitive functions and memory capacity. Those who are not able to manage their diabetes carefully are more prone to problems with their brain functions especially with their memory. People who do not have yet diabetes but who may later develop such illness may also suffer from mental function deterioration. Diabetic patients are also at a greater risk of developing mental illnesses such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease as they grow old.

People with diabetes have to control their blood sugar so that their brains may also function properly. Too much blood sugar or too little of it is not good for the brain. Extreme levels of blood sugar can cause memory problems. The brain needs a constant level of supply of blood sugar and any deviation from the normal level will disrupt its function especially those that are related to learning and to remembering. Prolonged high levels or low levels are detrimental to the health of people in general and these can also be fatal at times. The best thing that people can do is to keep their blood sugar at normal levels at all times.

People have to be aware that there are also other complications that may arise because of their diabetes problem. In some situations, the circulation of the blood is affected and this can affect their cognitive abilities. Poor circulation of the blood would mean lesser supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain. In turn, people are not able to maximize the capacity of their brains to process and to remember information. Aside from this, blood circulation also affects other parts of the body especially the heart and the nervous system.

Diabetes is a serious illness that people have to manage carefully. People have to take their medications regularly so that they may be able to keep their blood sugar at normal levels. They also have to do some regular exercises and live healthy lifestyles. Diabetic patients should also learn how to manage their stress so that they are able to keep their body systems working normally. Those who are able to take control of their diabetes will also have better cognitive functions. They are able to lessen their risk of losing their memory through their ability to keep their blood sugar levels at its proper level.